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Testimonials and feedback are really important in helping me provide you the best experience possible. I always strive to create the most accurate depiction of your pet and make your ideas come to life.


Please let me know what you think of your new art piece or the commission process. Your feedback is appreciated!

I commissioned Shelby to immortalize my pup Hildy. She did an outstanding job capturing Hildy's features. Especially her eyes, ears, and fur texture. Shelby was very flexible and incredibly professional. Thanks Shelby!

- Jonathan Z, 8" x 10" Ink Drawing

Hildy, 8x10 commission.jpg
Screenshot (4).png

I commissioned an embroidered dog brooch for my best friend and it turned out spectacular. I was updated with progress pictures and all of my questions were answered nicely! The brooch is beautiful and looks just like my best friends' dog. I definitely recommend Shelby Elizabeth Art, she is a very talented and nice artisan!

- Jose S, Embroidery Brooch

My sister and I commissioned Shelby for an 8"x10" double pet portrait as a gift to our mother. Dingo the dog is 12 years old and is happily living with mom, and Angel the cat was our first family pet. Sadly Angel passed away more than 10 years ago and we were not able to find a decent picture of her to send as a reference for Shelby. I sent Shelby the only photos we were able to find of Angel as well as a few stock pictures of similar looking cats. Regardless of this obstacle, Shelby created us an absolutely stunning portrait of Dingo and Angel! We are so impressed with not only the quality, time, and care that she puts into each piece but also how thorough and communicative she is with her customers. Thank you for composing our furry family members in an elegant and dignified manner. We will definitely be commissioning Shelby for future family pet portraits and highly recommend her. If you want to gift someone something unique and meaningful, or just want a wonderful piece of art for your own space trust me, Shelby is great!

 - Ayse M, 8" x 10" Ink Drawing


"You really can’t ask for more from an artist, you can’t. The entire process was so smooth, everything was outlined beforehand, you get updates and progress reports, really excellent communication and then you you see the final piece. I cannot stress enough how floored I was when I held the finished work. Shelby’s quality is incredible and working with her was a breeze. Couldn’t be more pleased and absolutely couldn’t recommend more. Do it."

                                      - Jon P, 8" Embroidery


"Just wanted to let you know that your work is amazing. My wife loves the necklace and I can see it's the Christmas present winner this year."

                                      - Aaron K, Screaming Possum Necklace

"I commissioned Shelby for two pet portraits and LOVED working with her! She was so patient with my specific wants, references I wanted used- even from time to time changes I wanted done/added to the final piece! I definitely recommend her lovely work. It makes a unique and beautiful gift for yourself or friends and fam!"

                                 - Diana C. - 8" Embroidery Set


"Just thought I would let you know that I loved the possum tie pin, and so did the recipient of it (it was a b-day present)  Thank you so much for the beautiful work... made a couple of people's day!"

                                        - Devin R, Scream to the Right Tie Pin


"I am so happy with the outcome. It's a gorgeous piece, and it looks just like my late cat. It's skillfully made and well worth the money. And it comes ready to hang on my wall!


                              - Molly R. - 6" Embroidery


"You did an incredible job. My brother gifted this to me for my wedding and said “I thought it was a good representation of man and woman coming together”. This moth is one of a kind and was published in a scientific journal. It was a big part of my life and I’m so thankful to have this embroidery hanging in my home since the real thing is with a collector. Thank you so much!"

                              - Katelyn M. - 8" Embroidery


"I commissioned my university colleague and friend, Shelby, for a portrait of my three kitty cats. You know how impossible it is to get all your pets together in one photo? That's when you call an artist to do it for you!

In all seriousness, I absolutely adore Shelby's work. She's a master of ink, and you can feel the intention and patience behind each stroke and stippled mark."

                         - Katherine M. - 8" x 10" Ink Drawing

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