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Year of the Opossum

Updated: Jan 16, 2022

This year I've certainly identified with the screaming opossum. Something about these little guys just capture my anxiety ridden soul.

I was commissioned to create a screaming opossum embroidery - and I absolutely fell in love! It was so difficult to choose from different reference photos. They are such expressive animals!

I can't count how many times I've been startled by an opossum. So many times I'll think it's the neighborhood kitty coming to say hello, only to be a greeted by little possum faces.

All of these little opossums are 1" in diameter. Working at this size is definitely challenging - You have to balance what looks good when you're 2 inches away from the embroidery, versus what most people will see from several feet away.

I feel like all of these opossums should have names. I'm terrible at naming things, so if you get one, please name your new opossum friend!

Thanks for looking guys! I'm going to try to keep adding more to my blogs. My writing skills are terribly rusty haha.

- Shelby

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